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Becoming a sponsor is easy! Simply click the donate button below, send us a an amount of your choice, and you will receive our tokens of appreciation. Alternatively, email our finance department at titanbot.fin@gmail.com. View the variety of sponsorship levels below, each has its own unique perks. By donating at least $200, you become an official sponsor of TitanBot! Your generous donations go to The Eastlake High Robotics Booster Club, the club that manages our finances.

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Sponsorship Levels

Crius: $200+

Sponsor of this value receive:

  • Name on webpage
  • Certificate of Appreciation

Lapetus: $500+

Sponsor of this level receive:

  • Logo on webpage
  • All perks from Crius

Oceanus: $1,000+

Sponsor of this tier receive:

  • 3”x3” sticker on our robot
  • All perks from Lapetus and Crius

Hyperion: $2,500+

Sponsor of this importance receive:

  • 5”x5” sticker on our robot
  • All perks from Oceanus, Lapetus, and Crius

Gaia: $5,000+

Sponsor of this caliber receive:

  • Sticker on our robot
  • Name on shirt
  • All perks from Hyperion, Oceanus, Lapetus, and Crius

Kronos: $10,000+

Sponsor of this stature receive:

  • 8”x8” sticker
  • Customized video or presentation
  • Logo on next shirt
  • All perks from Gaia, Hyperion, Oceanus, Lapetus, and Crius


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