Our Sponsors

We love our sponsors!

We are truly grateful for all the amazing support these organizations have provided us.  Without your help we would not be able to inspire the engineering minds of tomorrow.   There is an amazing amount of work and coordination required to pull off a successful robotics season.   You share in our success and we consider you part of the team.  Thanks!


Looking to become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is easy! Simply click the donate button below, send us a an amount of your choice, and you will receive our tokens of appreciation. Alternatively, email our finance department at titanbot.fin@gmail.com. View the variety of sponsorship levels below, each has its own unique perks. By donating at least $200, you become an official sponsor of TitanBot! Your generous donations go to The Eastlake High Robotics Booster Club, the club that manages our finances.

Sponsorship Levels

CRIUS: $200+

Sponsors of this level receive:

  • Name on webpage
  • Letter of Appreciation

LAPETUS: $500+

Sponsors of this level receive:

  • Logo on webpage
  • All perks from Crius

OCEANUS: $1,000+

Sponsors of this level receive:

  • Personalized Poster of the Team
  • Name on T-shirt
  • All perks from Lapetus

HYPERION: $2,500+

Sponsors of this level receive:

  • Personal Invitation to all TitanBot events
  • Sticker on Robot
  • All perks from Oceanus

GAIA: $5,000+

Sponsors of this level receive:

  • Sponsorship Team Plaque
  • All perks from Hyperion

KRONOS: $10,000+

Sponsors of this level receive:

  • 5 Personalized Polos
  • 5 Personalized Jackets
  • Customized Thank you video
  • All perks from Gaia


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