Years In FRC

In the fourteenth year of TitanBot, the team kept the bond strong through daily virtual meetings. Continuing their tradition, they worked together to virtually host the 6th annual GIRLS conference. When the 2021 FRC At Home Challenges Manual released, TitanBot was eager to step up to the plate. The team split into two groups to tackle the Innovation and Game Design Challenges. TitanBot’s unique game design and presentation impressed the judges; at the end of the competition they were awarded the Creativity Award. After making it through a challenging year online, the team eagerly anticipated meeting in person for the 2022 season.

Innovation Idea: “E-Hiker”

Game Design: “Climate Calamity”

Challenge: Innovation and Game Design

The thirteenth year of TitanBot was the most difficult one of them all. Nonetheless, they proved their capability to overcome difficulties. Before the pandemic that would put the whole world at a halt; TitanBot continued to uplift and empower girls through their 5th annual GIRLS Conference. For the 11th year in a row, the team hosted an FLL tournament at Eastlake Middle School to inspire youth in pursuing a future in STEM. As competition season neared, TitanBot eagerly prepared for the new FRC challenge sponsored by Star Wars: Force for Change. They attended the Del Mar regional which became a major learning opportunity. TitanBot made improvements to their robot to make sure they would put their best foot forward going into the Del Mar regional. Unfortunately, the opportunistic year was cut short due to COVID-19.

Robot: “Nemesis”

Challenge: “Infinite Recharge”

The twelfth year for TitanBot proved to be eventful. At Eastlake High School, their home turf, TitanBot started an event called “TitanBuddies” meant to help special needs students learn about robotics and be able to participate in making a robot. They continued their Alumni mixer this year for the second time in a row and started their first sponsor mixer. Allowing sponsors to see what they were investing in, Team 2543 held their second Sponsor Open House. TitanBot continued helping others by informing them on how to be safe with safety week. During safety week, TitanBot would post and send out messages on how to be safe in a robotics workshop and in other work spaces. They also went and helped their community by partaking in a beach clean up to beautify San Diego’s beaches, holding their 4th annual GIRLS Conference and holding their 10th FLL Tournament. When competition season started, TitanBot participated in two regionals; the Del Mar regional and the Ventura regional. In both regionals, TitanBot was awarded the Safety Award for their extreme dedication to safety.

Robot: “Asteria”

Challenge: “Destination: Deep Space”

Now on their eleventh year as a team, TitanBot held their first Alumni Mixer, inviting older members to come back and enjoy what was their entire life at one point. This year, Team 2543 went on a field trip to Google Headquarters where they got to witness one of the world’s largest companies in action. On their return, they held their 3rd annual GIRLS Conference and their 9th FLL Tournament. TitanBot attended both the San Diego Regional, as they have done for years, and the Las Vegas Regionals for the second time. In the San Diego Regional, the CEO, Simon Way, received the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award.  Then, at the Las Vegas Regional, Team 2543 received the Innovation in Control Award.

Robot: “Kratos”

Challenge: “FIRST Power Up”

2017, TitanBot’s tenth season, proved to be a very successful year. Continuing in helping with FLL, they established an FLL team in Serbia and held their 8th FLL tournament. They also continued their streak of inspiring girls by holding their 2nd annual GIRLS Conference. TitanBot attended a conference held by AFCEA, a non profit organization that helps advance professional knowledge in communications. Along with hosting and attending conferences and tournaments, Team 2543 participated in a Quadcopter Challenge for the first time. For season, TitanBot attended two regionals; San Diego and Sacramento. In Sacramento, TitanBot scored a win  and advanced on to the World Championship in Houston, Texas. 

Robot: “Aion”

Challenge: “FIRST Steamworks”

TitanBot, in their ninth season, established the Sweetwater Alliance STEM Festival, once again, promoting science, technology, engineering and math to the community. They also held their first annual GIRLS conference, inspiring young girls to pursue careers in STEM fields. Once again, TitanBot held an FLL Tournament, their 7th one so far, for younger kids to have a taste of what robotics is through LEGO. TitanBot, during season, went to the San Diego Regional where they received the Gracious Professionalism Award. They also attended their second regional that year, held in Las Vegas, where the furthest they got to was Quarterfinals. Later in the year, they went on to participate in Battle at the Border.

Robot: “Hyperion”

Challenge: “FIRST Stronghold”

TitanBot progressed through their eighth season helping Eastlake Middle School host their very first FLL Tournament. With the “Road Map to FLL,” an instruction manual constructed to educate teams on how to organize their own FLL Tournament, they hope to efficiently guide Eastlake Middle School in this project; at the same time preparing them for their sixth FLL Tournament. TitanBot also hosted a STEM Day, helping to educate people on the opportunities presented in science, technology, engineering and math. They participated at the robotics competition “Battle at the Border” and learned from Chula Vista’s team at their Holy Cows Workshop. They attended the Central Valley and San Diego regionals, in which they received the Judges Award.

Robot: “Iron Giant”


Challenge: “Recycle Rush”

TitanBot’s seventh season was composed of participating in FIRST’s 2014 challenge: Aerial Assist. In preparation for this season, we assisted in the Indian Well’s FLL Tournament and hosted our fifth annual FLL Tournament. Furthermore, we once again helped foster an FLL team at Camarena Elementary located in the Eastlake area in Chula Vista, CA. TitanBot was able to win the Colorado Regional ending as Colorado 2014 Finalists and then advancing to the St. Louis World Championship. That same year we did an appearance at KUSI with all the South Bay FRC teams in Chula Vista, CA. As for community service, we participated in Cycle Eastlake and provided Legos to an orphanage in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Robot: “Atlas”

Challenge: “Aerial Assist”

In TitanBot’s sixth season, they continued to assist in the Eastlake Educational Foundation’s Golf Tournament as well as attend events such as Kids Ventures and Downtown San Diego’s Science Fair to promote FIRST and STEM Education. Once again, bringing together 24 FLL teams of California’s South Bay to encourage students to pursue robotics education all the way up to high school and further with our FLL Tournament. TitanBot also established a FTC team in Eastlake Middle which is what students in FLL teams would advance to after they finished FLL. The FIRST challenge released in January of 2013 was intended to encourage students to create an Ultimate Frisbee playing robot. That same year, TitanBot ended as a top scoring team in the San Diego regional and went to the World Wide Championships in St. Louis.

Robot: “Lucario”

Challenge: “Ultimate Ascent”

TitanBot, during its fifth season, though it faced many challenges, it was able to overcome them successfully. In its season, TitanBot had the unfortunate event of losing its only teacher advisor and supervisor; they continued to flourish with an increase of parent, student, and mentor support. TitanBot was able to establish an afterschool class where training and preparation for the competitions could take place, as they met everyday for at least an hour to continue working. This “7th Period” class allowed students to work on pre-season projects such as their EEF Sponsored Titan Woods Robot, and their 3rd Annual FLL Tournament. They have also established the parent run Booster Club to provide outlets to help fundraise the team and sponsor their regional trips. 2012’s FIRST challenge consisted of a robot that would demonstrate its skills in the field of basketball, once again ending as a top scoring team.

Robot: “Walrus”

Challenge: “Rebound Rumble”

In the fourth season, TitanBot has continued it’s partnership with EEF and NDEP remained strong, sustaining the many FLL teams in the region. TitanBot also helped complete the chain of robotics education in the community by establishing the first FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team in Eastlake Middle School. Since this year, students can now have access to robotics education in all levels of K-12 Schooling. This year, TitanBot also received the coveted FIRST Dean’s List Award.

Robot: “La Fuente”

Challenge: “Logo Motion”

In it’s third season, TitanBot began to grow even further to the community. Before the actual FIRST season, TitanBot partnered with the National Defense Education Program (NDEP) to establish the first FLL Tournament in the south bay, providing a nearby competition where all of the elementary schools that TitanBot mentored could participate in. This year TitanBot also helped start a High School level Robotics team in Olympian High School. During the season, TitanBot’s robot “The Snail” was the highest ranked robot, and won second place in the San Diego Regional. Aside from placing in a regional competition, TitanBot also received the Coopertition Award and the Judges’ Award.

Robot: “The Snail”

Challenge: “Breakaway”

During its second season, TitanBot expanded to over forty members and became more committed to the FIRST message. During the 2008-2009 season, TitanBot became dedicated to the community, running various fundraisers and fostering several FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams, the elementary robotics program from FIRST, in the surrounding area. A partnership was also established with the Eastlake Educational Foundation (EEF) to help keep each of the elementary level teams funded each year. TitanBot attended the San Diego and Las Vegas regionals, becoming the first team from the San Diego area ever to win the San Diego regional, as well as claiming two Judge’s Awards; one for community outreach and the other for professionalism. TitanBot also advanced to the finals in Las Vegas and once again the National Championships in Atlanta.

Robot: “The Bucket”

Challenge: “Lunacy”

During its first season of 2007-2008, the team began with only twelve members and attended both the San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado regional tournaments. TitanBot claimed the Highest Rookie Seed Award and the Rookie All-Star Award in Denver, granting them admittance to the National Championship in Atlanta. For its extreme dedication to safety, Team 2543 also was awarded the Underwriters Laboratory Safety Award. 

Robot: “The Octagon”

Challenge: “Overdrive”

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