Meet The TitanBot Leadership

Joshua - CEO

"As CEO, I coordinate projects between departments and handle communications with other organizations. I’m in charge of managing engineering and making executive decisions alongside our mentors and leadership. I aim to increase efficiency on the team and create a cooperative team environment. I hope to bring home a regional title this year!" Contact:

Aidan - Mechanical Director

"I supervise, help, and teach all things that happen in the mechanical department. There are two sections in mechanical, design and fabrication.In design we train new members to use CAD which is a program that allows us to make 3D objects to use for long scale projects like building the robot. In fabrication we take what we have made in design and make it a reality by using parts to construct the said project." Contact:

Alyssa - Human Resources Director

"Human Resources manages the internal organization of TitanBot, keeping track of all members, their information, and their families. I send out announcements to the class, make interest forms, plan bonding events, and serve as a resource for any students with questions about the club. During build season, the HR department works on organizing food schedules for build team, as well as organizing away trips, including hotel assignments, car assignments, and team dinners." Contact:

Aileen - Finance Director

"My role as finance director is to apply for grants from outside companies as well as maintain connections with sponsors from past years. I am also in charge of regulating the money that is being spent on club events, competitions and the robot. With the help of the Booster Club, a non profit organization created from parent volunteers that assists this club on spendings, we are able to provide a stable base for the club to build off of. " Contact:

Jason - Control Systems Director

"I manage/oversee the training, designing, and development of our team's electrical and pneumatic systems as well as the code that gets pushed onto our robot(s); I am responsible for keeping our electronic hardware, firmware, and software up to date. The Control Systems department is also in charge of the AV aspects of our team (e.g. LEDs and music)." Contact:

Katelin - Public Relations Director

"At TitanBot I help to organize our outreach events including the FLL tournament we host at our high school and our annual G.I.R.L.S Conference. Additionally during the competition season, my team and I work on the Chairman’s presentation, highlighting our team’s achievements. In PR, students better their public speaking and writing skills, and learn about the importance of public outreach. Many also love the community service hours earned through participation in our events!" Contact:

Santiago - Safety Director

"As safety director, my main role is to make sure that everyone remains safe in and out of the workshop. I oversee the safety department which has a new mental health subsection as well as assuring general safety in the workshop. During competition season I run general safety training for the team, CPR training for all build team members, outreach initiatives to help other teams be as safe as possible as well as weekly safety audits. I am also in charge making sure there are plans in place in case of an emergency and documenting any safety related incidents." Contact:

Sarah - Media Director

"I am in charge of the Media Department. This department designs the gear, takes photos and videos, and creates advertisements for the team. My job is to make sure that all of this runs smoothly including the training of members on design software and the distribution of assignments. We often work in coordination with other departments on the team who need our services." Contact:

Vincent - Competition Director

"Competition director is in charge of preparing the team for our tournaments. I prepare the team for scouting and strategy. I am also in charge of the drive team and spirit sub department. We are also a big part of coming up with robot design during our build season." Contact:

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